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About Vegecoopia & Co-Growing


Founder Perle

A grower and community event facilitator born and raised in Hong Kong, now based in Kingston. Studied BA Anthropology in CUHK and MSc Environment, Politics and Society in UCL, she focuses on applying green education and environmental justice in her social venture, Vegecoopia.

Vegecoopia was established in April 2023, a day after The International Day of Peasant Struggles. The name Vegecoopia is about growing Vegetables in a Cooperative way to create a Utopia :) “DAS” also the point of our existence - to create spaces (physical, social and mental) for people to grow food together, with #Dignity, #Autonomy, and #Sovereignty.

Discover more food growing space


For space owners, thanks for turning back gardens into edible ones, creating more green space for both yourselves and the growers in need;​

For growers without space, we will walk you through the journey of exploring community food growing space together.

Access the skills and knowledge of growing culturally appropriate food


Let's make food growing common among migrant communities in the UK, also develop a diverse growers' network when we are sharing our culturally vibrant veggies here!

Save Your Own Seeds, Grow Your Own Food

It's all about food security and seed sovereignty. Through the sustainably and locally grown food, we also appreciate growers' labour effort.

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